More Solar Panel Resources and Solar Energy Gadgets

More Solar Panel Resources and Solar Energy Gadgets

Discover more great uses of solar energy and energize your life with some cutting-edge solar powered gadgetry!

Solar Pool Heater

Are you thinking of installing a solar pool water heater? Is this really a better choice than an electrical one? What are some benefits of using a solar water heater for pool purposes? Here are a few to keep in mind: When you run a swimming pool, keeping it heated can be an unexpected challenge. ... Read more

Solar Water Heater Storage Tank

What is a solar water heater tank? How do you use one? Do you need a solar tank water heater? This style of water heater operates by using the energy of the sun to move a heating liquid through coils inside the tank itself. The liquid never comes into contact with the water, but heats ... Read more

Solar Radios

What is a solar radio? When was it first used? Where does a radio like this come in handy? Solar radios are any type of radio that charges an internal solar cell battery via solar energy. The radio then uses that battery to power its functions. General Electric first created the solar radio in the ... Read more

Home Solar Water Heater

Do you need an eco-friendly way to heat the water for your home? Are you looking for a solar home water heater? What are the benefits of installing a solar water heater for home use? Of course, there may be many other reasons why you're considering installing a solar water heater for your whole house.

Solar Keyboards

What is a solar keyboard? Do they include features not found on regular keyboards? Or are they lacking some features instead? Solar keyboards are any type of keyboard designed to charge using solar energy. Many of these keyboards also charge with energy from lightbulbs or other manmade light sources.

Passive Solar Water Heaters

What is a passive solar water heater? Why is it called “passive”? Are there different types of passive solar water heater systems to choose from? A passive solar water heater is so called because it uses the outside temperature and the sun to heat the water inside. On the other hand, an active system uses ... Read more

Solar Water Heater Pump

Why do you need to use a specific water pump for solar heater setups? What’s wrong with using a regular pump? What can a specialized pump do for your solar heater? If you’re thinking of setting up a solar hot water heater for your home or swimming pool, you might think you can use any ... Read more

Solar Water Heater How Much

How much does a typical household spend on heating water with electricity or gas? Does solar power really improve this cost? Do homeowners find the cost of solar water heater system setups worth it? How much does solar water heating cost, anyway? Solar water heating can greatly improve the cost of heating your household’s water. ... Read more

Type Of Solar Water Heater

How many different types of solar water heaters are there? What are some of the qualities that set them all apart from each other? What are some of the similarities and differences between the passive and active types of solar water heater? There are four main types of solar water heaters. Two of these are ... Read more

Hawaii Solar Water Heater

Do you live in Hawaii? Are you looking for a Hawaii solar water heater? Why might you want or need to set up a solar hot water heater Hawaii home? If you live in Hawaii, you may be searching for a good, high-quality solar water heater installation company. Since 2008, new homes built in Hawaii ... Read more