More Solar Gadgetry! Enjoy!

More Solar Gadgetry! Enjoy!

Even more solar powered goodies to feast your renewable energy hearts upon! Order one today and make the change to clean power.

Solar Dehydrators

What is a solar dehydrator? How does it work? Is this type of dehydrator as effective as a gas or electric one? A solar dehydrator is a food dehydrator that is designed to process food using the power of the sun. These types of dehydrators can work for drying out and storing food for use ... Read more

Solar Charged Jacket

What is a solar jacket? How does it work? Does it charge devices, or does it do something else with solar energy? Solar jackets are jackets that include at least one solar panel to harness energy from the sun. These solar panels then redirect that energy elsewhere in the jacket. Some solar jackets use solar ... Read more

Solar Car Battery Chargers

What is a solar car battery charger? Why would you need one? Can a solar trickle charger keep your car battery healthy? A solar car battery charger is a converter that uses solar energy to power DC current devices. Most of these devices plug into the cigarette lighter inside the car to provide a steady ... Read more

Solar Panel 12V Battery Charger

Is a solar 12v battery charger a reliable power source? Is it as effective as an electrical 12-volt battery charger? What makes one of these chargers a good quality solution? Depending on the battery and item in question, a solar 12-volt battery charger makes an excellent power source. It can help keep your battery from ... Read more

24 V Battery Charger Solar Panel

What is a solar 24 volt battery charger? How does this type of product work? What can you do with it? This type of battery charger is designed to use the power of the sun to charge or maintain a 24-volt battery. Most of the time, these batteries are found in trolling motors or in ... Read more

6 Volt Solar Battery Charger

How reliable is a solar 6 volt battery charger? What are some situations in which this offer might be a good choice for you? What should you look for in a solar 6v battery charger? Six-volt solar battery chargers are usually quite reliable. They provide plenty of charging capabilities for any type of product that ... Read more

Motion Sensor Solar Light

What are garage lights? Why might someone need these types of lights? Are solar garage lights better than electrical ones? Solar garage lights are any type of light designed to work on the outside of a garage. They mount to the side of the garage or house and collect solar energy through an attached panel ... Read more

Solar Flashlights

What is a solar flashlight? When might you need a product like this? How handy is it to have one of these flashlights around? A solar flashlight is any type of flashlight that can be powered by the sun. These lights may have other charging methods included as well, such as backup batteries, USB plugs, ... Read more

Solar Backpacks

What is a solar backpack? What does it do? What kind of person would benefit the most from having a product like this? Solar backpacks are a type of backpack that feature a built-in solar panel. This solar panel is used to absorb solar energy and utilize it to charge devices from a variety of ... Read more

Solar Fence Chargers

What is a solar fence charger? How does it work? What are some situations in which this type of product is beneficial? A solar fence charger is a charging device used for electric fences. It is designed to mount onto the fence post and hook into the electric fence, providing a constant charge and keeping ... Read more